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About Us

Hostie is a curator of vacation rental homes where we provide independent homes for your travel adventures. When you travel to a Hostie home you get that experience of hand-picked hospitality and zeal of our commitment.

We operate our boutique travel homes, whether you are a leisure traveller, or a purpose traveller, a business traveller, or a medical traveller, we understand “why you need our home; that will be your home; when you are traveling”.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Our Mission

At Hostie

We provide unique travel experiences that are inspired by cultures, thoughts, & exuberance, & are packed with comfort & luxuries you enjoy at your own Home.

Hostie is the
Brainchild of...

Akshay Seth

Founder and CEO

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The journey of Hostie started in 2017, with a concept to “Celebrate”, and what could be better than to make people celebrate special moments and experiences in their life. A zillion smiles, a billion happy faces, and an accomplished commitment soon became our vision at Hostie. Today, Hostie is that answer to all your travel needs. Every house with Hostie, is not just selected on aesthetics, but the passion and commitment of us and our property owners, that converts that house into “a home”. We welcome you to come be a part of this journey with us. We welcome you to Hostie!

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